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The InkControl Ink Chip Emulator Board
The InkControl Ink Chip Emulator Board allows you to replace ALL of the original ink chips on Mimaki* printers with our innovative software and product design with only a single board. The InkControl Ink Chip Emulator Board is not a chip re-setter - the board actually emulates the original ink chips allowing the user to have a permanent solution with unlimited ink usage, just as you would if using OEM chips from Mimaki*! No longer do you have to purchase multiple chips for the different inks types or colors - just one board does it all making the InkControl Ink Chip Emulator board one of the most economic solutions on the market today!

The InkControl Ink Chip Emulator Board works on the following Mimaki printers:

Mimaki JV5 including JV5-320DS
Mimaki JV3 & JV33
Mimaki JV34, JV150 & JV300
Mimaki TPC-1000

Mimaki GP604

Mimaki UJF-3042 MkII, UJF-6042 MkII
Mimaki TS30
Mimaki TX400
Mimaki TS100
Mimaki TS55
Mimaki TS300
Mimaki CJV30
Mimaki TS34
Mimaki TS500, TX500
The InkControl Ink Chip Emulator Board has been proven to work even on the newest Mimaki printers that have implemented many anti-chip measures such as the JV5-320DS and the JV33-260 series!

The InkControl Ink Chip Emulator Board is able to emulate the following ink types:
SB51 ink
SB52, SB53, SB54** ink
SB200, SB210 & RC210 ink
HS ink
Eco-PA1 ink
TP, TP3 & TP250 ink
Pigment ink
CS-100 ink**
SB610**One time chips also available
LUS170**,LUS175** One time chips also available
SS2 ink
SS21 ink
Acid ink
Reactive ink
ES3 ink
LH-100, LF-140, LF-200 & Hard UV ink
BS2, BS3 & BS4** ink
SB300**, SB310** One time chips also available
SB410**,SB411**One time chips also available
LUS120**,LUS210** One time chips also available
The InkControl Ink Chip Emulator Board can be set to 4 color, 6 color, 7 color and 8 color mode. We can work with you if other Mimaki ink types are needed that are not already listed in our ink database or if you have a different Mimaki printer than what is on the list above and need a chip replacement system for that printer. We will do our best to fulfill your needs!

The InkControl Ink Chip Emulator Board has many great features making it one of a kind. These features include:
The board is field customizable - you can change between ink types and color modes as you need to!
The board is field upgradeable - as we come up with new upgrades we will let you know and you can add the upgrade for free!
The software now offers language support - you can choose English, German, Japanese, Spanish or Portuguese!
The board is fully automatic - great feature for those larger print job!
Has optional Stand-Alone mode - this mode allows you to run the board without having to use the PC software once the board is configured.
The PC software included with the emulator board allows you to view the status of each color and the emulator. The software also gives you control of the settings of the emulator. The emulator board can be ordered to suit your needs - it can either be programmed with unlimited ink usage or it can be ordered with a code activation system that allows you to control the ink usage..

The installation is extremely easy and does not require any soldering. Simply disconnect the cables from the back of the cartridge brackets and connect them to the emulator board. For the Mimaki JV3 and TS3 printers adapter cables are required. The Mimaki JV3 cables come as a set. The adapter cables for the Mimaki TS3 printers connect directly to ink cartridges via a fake chip (please ensure that your ink cartridges have a slot where the fake chip can go before ordering). For this reason, you will need one cable per ink cartridge on your printer. Please contact us if purchasing an emulator board for either one of these printers so that we will ensure the correct adapter cables are sent to you.

The emulator board connects to the PC via USB and is normally powered by the USB.  However, it can also be powered by other alternative sources such as a 9v power supply or 5v power cable (JV5 or JV33/CJV30 only). Please refer to the "Hardware" page for more information on alternative power sources.

Our boards are assembled and shipped from Rocky Hill, Connecticut so shipping is very quick and reliable. Orders are processed and shipped out within 1-2 business days, most orders shipped the very same day the order is placed. You can either use our shipping or if you have an account with a shipping company (i.e. UPS, FedEx or DHL) just let us know and we will have the shipping billed directly to your account.

The price per board is only $650 USD (Connecticut orders must include 6.35% sales tax unless a Resale Certificate is provided to InkControl) and includes the necessary software. If you are ordering more than one board, please ask us about our volume discount prices. Please refer to our "Store" page for information on prices for accessories such as enclosure, bulk ink systems, etc. Payment can be made either by bank check, money order, company check, Paypal, bank transfer or personal check (personal checks must clear before shipment is made).

For more information or to order boards please contact us at InkControl.

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**This ink type requires use of Live Chip mode and may have recurring costs